Roids of War (ROW)

Contact "ROW Public channel" in game for more info.

Roids of War

Roids of War (ROW)

Roids of War is an industrial corporation. We are based in Gallente Space and will expect prospective members to be willing to run missions in Gallente space to gain standings with the Gallente Federation.

I am back energized and up to doing stupid carebearish things and play in low sec as well for giggles. We will be running a Mumble server for voice coms and interviews, yes i know it isn't TS3 or Vent, i am a cheapskate, yes it means installing another app on your system if you want to join us. No i don't use Eve-Voice as it does not work on my live system for some godforsaken reason, it does however work on the test server, go figure?

Currently we are working on producing cap parts and having a giggle, please make sure you fly what you can afford to lose and damn well insure everything that is not t2.



Roids of War have the ability to provide minerals, Ships, Ammunition and modules by contract or direct sales, if you wish to place an order with us please go to the channel "R.O.W. Public channel" to contact a member of our operations. Please be aware that we are currently focusing on operations in Gallente space, we do charge a delivery fee at the moment so we are able to deliver to most High sec systems, but there is a price tag for the service. Roids of War does have the ability to produce T2 Equipment, however this is reserved mainly for repeat clients, or corporate members. If you would like to contact us about a position please use the "R.O.W. Public channel" to do so.